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November 20000

For sale: One Russian space capsule, only flown 140 million kilometers - a bargain at just $2.2 million. The Soyuz TM-26 is on sale online at thespacestore.com. The site is part of Spacehab, a U.S. spacecraft and living space manufacturer. Launched Aug. 5, 1997, the capsule was used by Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Soloviev and Pavel Vinogradov who performed emergency repairs to save the Mir space station after a collision with a supply ship. The three-person capsule returned to Earth on Feb. 19, 1998, logging 198 days in space. The buyer and a guest will get a guided tour of
Star City, where cosmonauts train, and a tour of RSC Energia, the manufacturer of the Soyuz and the private firm which now controls what was once the Soviet space program.

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